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Expert and Professional Safety Services


Safety in the workplace is an inescapable legal obligation for everyone, including:

          Business owners


 BridgeSAFE Services understands the need to implement safety systems which are:     

              applicable to industry-specific and real-life situations
              easily implemented

Our vast experience in workplace health and safety covers many industries. This includes:

          Warehousing transport



We have had a personal involvement in the investigation of over 5000 workplace incidents - from near misses through to fatalities. These investigations focus on underlying causes - rather than overt causes.


Preventative measures are also a vital component of the solutions we offer. This includes a wide variety of services, such as:

formal, government accredited training

tailored safety training

behavioural-based safety training

incident investigation training

safety culture assessment and development methods

safety leadership training

training in associated non-technical skills such as:

    safety leadership
    effective workplace communication
    decision making
    effective delegation
    situation awareness



 BridgeSAFE Services provides quality services and products to suit all operations.


 BridgeSAFE Services is confident it can provide a positive benefit to your operations through its tailored programs. 


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